Eye Shield


A simple, cost effective post-surgical eye shield that offers many advantages over current standard.

Our custom-designed shield, paired with adhesive snaps, paves the way for improved patient outcome and adds luxury-level comfort in the process!

The Problem…

Current eye shields are uncomfortable, difficult to replace, and restrict airflow

Eye shields are commonly placed after a variety of eye surgeries in order to protect the eye.

The current standard for eyeshields requires significant amounts of tape to be applied to the area. This results in an unpleasant recovery experience. Reduced ventilation to the eye is an issue, as well as reduced accessibility when the shield needs to be removed for drops or examination.

Removing tape and reapplying it multiple times per day can contribute to skin irritation, tape residue, and the overuse of tape in placing shields.

The current cataract post-op protocol requires the use of ophthalmic drops 2 to 4 times per day in the immediate postoperative period.

The Solution!

Introducing SNAPS Eye Shield

Our clear eye shield is secured with custom adhesives that allow for easy removal at home and replacement of the shield, without requiring copious amounts of time and tape. The adhesive “feet” which hold the shield in position are easy to place, very comfortable, stable, and effective.

Tape is simply not needed to hold on to the shield. Additionally, the adhesive is reusable many times.

The stability makes laying down and sleeping comfortable and safe. Ventilation to the eye is improved as there is no tape that covers any of the shield holes.

This simple solution creates a functional shield that can be utilized in a wide variety of ophthalmic procedures including cataracts, glaucoma, oculoplastics, trauma, and retina surgery.


Improved Patient Outcome


Easy Application & Maintenance


Revolutionized Eye Shield Comfort


Eliminates Use of Extra Waste

Thinking Forward

Add a Dash of Sustainability into the Mix

With the use of reusable adhesive leads, we completely eliminate the need for seemingly endless rolls of tape used during recovery. This reduces maintenance costs as well as environmental impact.


The Importance of Eye Shields after Surgery

Postoperative procedures require a great deal of at-home patient care to ensure a full recovery. SNAPS provides the simplicity and reusability of maintaining eye care for optimal results. 

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